August 25, 2022

Home Staging & How to Achieve Maximum Sale Price of your Property In Costa del Sol Copy

Staging a house for a sale is a game changer when it comes to getting your property ahead of the rest and achieving its maximum sale price, especially in the highly competitive property market in Costa del Sol.

Let’s look at some facts & figures :

  • Staged homes sell up to 80% faster than un-staged homes
  • The sale price of properties that has been professionally staged sell for an average 15% higher than before
  • It is extremely cost efficient and you make your money back – the average styling investment is between 1-3% of the home asking price, which generates a property styling ROI of 12-14% 
  • The service of home staging is cheaper than a possible price reduction 
  • Your online photos will stand out and attract more – 90% of potential buyers search online first.
  • Potential buyers/tenants make up their minds in the first 30-60 seconds when entering a property. 
  • Over 95% of real estate agents affirm that property staging has had at least some effect on the buyer’s view of the home.
  • When buyers can visualise the property as their home, an offer is made. Only 10% of buyers can visualise the potential of a property.You have to show them!
  • Even a flawed home has hope when is properly styled. Almost 30% of the buyers are willing to overlook property faults when the home is styled.

Home staging is an incredible way to sell your house quickly, beautifully and at your highest sell price.  A professional home staging reveals the full potential of a property and accentuates on its best sides while minimising its flaws. And this does not necessarily mean full renovation and set up, with minimal time and investment the property will be presented at its best on the market. When you are selling your property in Costa del Sol you are also selling a lifestyle, a dream of living under the sunshine and the palm trees and is essential home staging to reflect that essence through the entire house so the buyer can easily envision himself living there and enjoying fully Marbella lifestyle. Professional home staging takes a lot of knowledge on sales psychology and approaches each property individually according to its needs and features, but here are some key elements valid for every property : 

1. Declutter & Layout

An optimised layout will show the best functionality of the space, highlighting its best architectural features and optimising its size, height and natural light whilst at the same time set an airy and spacious feeling that brings calmness and serenity. Many home sellers have the wrong believe that having as much as furniture will show best the potential of the space and ¨how much it can fit¨, but this is approach will make the space over cluttered,  unappealing and looking even smaller. Sometimes a simple rearranging of the existing furniture to a ¨floating¨ layout, adequately setting up different zones within the space and adding 1 or 2 accent pieces completely transforms the space and makes it look 20-30% bigger.

2. De- personalize

Home staging is preparing the house for sale in a way that the buyer can  mentally move in when sees it and this means that in order for him to be able to do that, the space should be with an inviting and the same time neutral ambience. Any personal and family photos as well as political, religious and personal accessories should be removed so the buyer can imagine actually living in your home without being distracted by your personal style.

3. Keep it Fresh & Airy

A fresh coat of white / off-white will immediately elevate the entire space, bring a lot of light and set a serene tone with a perfect blank canvas for the new owner to add his personal accents of color wherever he wants. When you consider buying a house in a place with such a beautiful scenery as Costa del Sol is important the interior to be fresh & airy and invite and accentuate the splendid landscape. Using large scale mirrors is another easy and budget friendly way to bring on more light, accentuate on the best features of the property and make even the most unappealing corners stylish.

4. Show a well maintained property

Everything that is cracked, scratched or broken whether is furniture, door frame or tile should be replaced/repaired. Fill the holes in the walls, replace not working lightbulbs/electrical and have the house sparkling clean  – thus you will show a well maintained home and avoid a costly and unnecessary price reduction. Most buyers, especially holiday home seekers want a place where they can maximum relax and enjoy they time and not bother with DIY and house fixing, so the more the buyer sees things that need repair, the more hesitant he will be and placed offers will be with much higher price reduction than will actually cost you to fix the repairs. 

4. Bed Linen & Towels

A stylishly made up bed with crisp white linen and combined with couple of nice colourful decor pillows and floral arrangements on the bedside tables will set an airy and elegant tone for the bedrooms and will look perfect on your photographs an online presentation of the sales market. Never underestimate how such an easy and budget-friendly step of simply changing a new fresh linen affects the impression of the buyer as soon as he walks in.

When it comes to bathrooms, they are probably the most overlooked area when it comes to house staging as the sanitary ware is staying fixed unless you do a full remodel and home buyers consider them the most expensive and undesired renovations. Professional bathroom staging has endless possibilities to uplift the space and make it more appealing without big investment for renovation. A bathroom can be easily staged with a hotel spa vibe by placing stylish large scale mirrors, folding fresh fluffy towels and mats and adding beautiful soap dispensers, candles, accessories and organic elements such as a simple and serene green leaves in a vase.

5. Accessories  & Art 

Few accessories but thoughtfully arranged will make the space more homey and stylish. Here is very important to remember that unique Marbella lifestyle essence and bring it into the interior. Neutral soft tones, inviting textures, natural materials, cotton, jute – bringing the exterior in the interior – all are welcomed. In my projects I love to combine for example plush velvet fabrics with a textured wool rug, this creates a nice contrast between refined and casual, and brings the organic and natural in the interior. Ceramic or clay bowls and vases, textured glass, brass, organic shapes are ideal choice to bring cozy and elegant feel, play with the size and accentuate on the texture. 

As art is very personal and everyone’s taste differs, the best solution is to opt for an abstract and neutral piece with soft tones of colors that flow and compliment with the rest of the colors in the room.  An oversized  statement artwork in a stairway or double ceiling area is the best way to accentuate on height and the architectural features. 

6. Bring in the Light 

As it own name applies Costa del Sol = Sunny Coast, buyers looking for a property here, want to see bright spaces and lighting is an essential part when staging a house for sale in Marbella. Maximum advantage should be taken of your property natural light to show that beautiful Spanish sun in all its splendour. Open all curtains and blinds before showing and switch the artificial lighting on.  Light fixtures are one of the easiest and cheapest elements to add stylish accents and make the entire interior look more refined. I love to use a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps to zone and accentuate certain spaces in the house, and play with different lighting temperatures – from daylight Kelvins in the main areas to make them look larger and blend with the exterior to soft warm tones in more intimate corners.

7. Treat the exterior with the same care as in the interior 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and it all starts with the curb.  With more than 320 sunny days per year the climate and lifestyle of Marbella are unique and property buyers in Costa del Sol place a high importance on beautifully set up outdoors with maximised usage. The exterior of the house is the first thing potential buyers see and a poor kept state is not only unappealing but it will be putting off the buyers even before they had the chance to see the interior.  A fresh looking green grass, clean power-washed exterior and neat and inviting front door are a must for a good first impression of the property. Costa del Sol is all about sunshine and beautiful nature so having some lush greenery is essential, even if you do not have a gardener can use some of the local plants that require minimum maintenance like oleanders, bougainvilleas and  even cactuses . I personally love to use orange trees in my projects  with their beautiful blossoms and magical scent – perfect for those cozy under the stars nights.

The outdoor living area should be inviting and with maximised usage so the buyer can not wait to move in and start living the Marbella dream of lounging under the sunshine and long alfresco dinners. Cozy styling, soothing exterior light and keeping the colors soft and natural such as whites , off-whites, taupes, browns, beige , soft greens and blues to reflect the surrounding and make the space blend with the beautiful Costa del Sol landscape. Even if your outdoor space has limited size or is a simple small balcony , when is professionally staged the buyer will not think ¨small´ when looking at it but instead ¨what a lovely place to have my morning coffee ¨.

8. The small details 

It is the small details that with professional house staging will upscale your property and send unconscious subtle signals to the buyers to fall it love with the house even from the entrance. From styling up the entry way in a inviting and comfortable way and welcoming scent diffusers, to staging the bathroom with hotel spa vibes, setting up cozy corners in the living room, trays with wine glasses , fresh flowers, a bowl of citrus in the kitchen – when your house is professionally staged every room and every corner of the property is included  to result in a perfect harmony and a delightful ambience where you would like to stay and enjoy . 

Kristin Interiors offers professional Home Staging services that bring modern luxury and Marbella flair without the long lead times and excessive price tags of traditional firms. Adaptable to all needs and budget for both direct owners and real estate agents who want to improve their listings and gain in the competitive property market in Costa del Sol.


If you would like to get more advice on how to stage your home for sale , get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

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